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Message from the Principal
                                                                      Principal's Message
                                                                                 WELCOME BACK!            

I would like to welcome all new and returning families to Curvin McCabe Elementary School.  We have been working hard to plan for a fabulous 2014-2015 school year filled with lots of learning and fun.

We welcome to the building:  Ms. Hochwarter, grade 3, Mrs. Martins, grade 2, Mrs. Lescault and Mrs. Gorman, special educators, Ms. Hookwater, music, and Mrs. Silva, school psychologist.

Last year we adopted a new set of behavior and academic expectations along with a schoolwide incentive program.  We expect all students, teachers and parents to be Considerate, Motivated, and Successful.  Look for more information at open house about what it means to be considerate, motivated and successful.

Supervision in the mornings will begin at 8:10am, students should not be here earlier than 8:10am.  THIS INCLUDES STUDENTS COMING TO BREAKFAST.  THERE IS NO PARKING ON EITHER SIDE OF KENYON AVE. IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL.  Police will ticket!

We look forward to seeing you at open house from 6:15-7:30pm on Thursday September 11th. 

If you should have any questions please contact the office 401-729-6258.

                                                                            Arrival and Dismissal

Please follow posted road signs and traffic rules.  We recognize that parking is limited.  We need for all parents to support the safety of our students by following posted city traffic signs.  Please follow the rules of the road when driving, especially during arrival and dismissal.  We need everyone's help to keep our students safe.  Police will ticket.

The drop off area on Kenyon Road in NOT for parking.  Please pull off into the designated drop off area to drop off your children for breakfast.  This is NOT an area for parking and waiting.  The cut out area on Mendon Road is for school busses only.



News & Announcements
  • Breakfast starts the first day of school!
    opens at 8:10am. closes at 8:25am.
PTO news

                                                  PTO News

  1. PTO's first meeting will be held on Wednesday September 3rd at 3:00pm.

  2. We are actively seeking new parents to join us in planning fun activities for our families!

  3. Upcoming activities include the pumpkin patch party.

  4. Upcoming fundraiser:  T-shirts.  Check your child's folder for more information.