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Message from the Principal

Pricipal's Message

Last day of school is Friday June 26th.
5th grade graduation will be held on Friday June 26th in the morning.
Kindergarten Celebration will be held on Thursday June 25th in the morning.

On May 12, 13, 14 students in fourth grade will be administered the NECAP Science test.  Please make sure all fourth grade students are in school, on time and well rested.

On May 5, 6, 18, 19, 20, 21 students in grades 3-5 will be completing the second round of PARCC testing in ELA and Math.  Please make every effort for children to be in school, on time and well rested.

During the month of May we will be practicing our evacuation and fire drills.

There is a lot of learning and end of year fun activities taking place at Curvin McCabe over the next two months.  We need all students to be in school and on time each day to ensure they are receiving high quality instruction and working towards meeting high expectations in order to earn the fun rewards planned.  Remember at Curvin McCabe because we are Considerate and Motivated we are Successful.


Breakfast opens at 8:10am, students should not be here before 8:10am.  Please follow posted road signs and traffic rules.  We recognize that parking is limited.  We need for all parents to support the safety of our students by following posted city traffic signs.  Please follow the rules of the road when driving, especially during arrival and dismissal.  We need everyone's help to keep our students safe.  Police will ticket.

The drop off area on Kenyon Road is NOT for parking.  Please pull off into the designated drop off area to drop off your children for breakfast.  This is NOT an area for parking or waiting.  The cut out area on Mendon Road is for school busses only.






News & Announcements
  • PARCC testing
    Students in grades 3, 4 and 5 will be taking the PARCC  Computer Based Test during the month of March.  It is important to make sure your child is IN SCHOOL, ON TIME, during testing.  Please make appointments after school hours.  If you know your child will not be in school for testing, please call us ahead of time! 
  • Breakfast starts the first day of school!
    opens at 8:10am. closes at 8:25am.
PTO news

                                                  PTO News

PTO meeting will be Wednesday May 6th at 3:00pm.  All are welcome to attend!   

We will be looking for field day volunteers for June 11th. 

Pancake supper will be May 24th.

Thank you to all parents who have actively participated on the PTO this year.  Without you and your dedication we would be unable to host fun events for our families!

  • Web Resources
    Check out this great website that gives recommendations for family friendly movies, video games, and much more!