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Message from the Principal

January 22, 2015

Dear Parents,
     Curvin McCabe students and teacher have been talking about personal hygiene as a part of health.  We've been discussing how our bodies and teeth need to be cared for each day to stay clean and healthy.
Here are the important points we've gone over:
1.  Take a bath or shower each day.
2.  Use soap and shampoo during each shower or bath.
3.  Put on clean clothes in the hamper.
4.  Put dirty/worn clothes in the hamper.
5.  Brush/Floss teeth as least twice a day (morning/before bed)
6.  Brush hair each morning before leaving the house.
7.  Take care of fingernails/toenails, by keeping them clean and trimmed.
8.  Before dressing, put deodorant on your underarms to prevent odor.
     This is especially important on Phys. Ed. Days!
     Many parents can't believe that their children are ready to begin wearing deodorant.  Believe it or not, even as young as 3rd grade, children perspire and have body odor.  To prevent embarrassment and often cruel comments from peers, it's important that the above steps are enforced at a young age and practiced daily, so your child can get into a healthy routine.
Thank you for your attention in helping to reinforce healthy hygiene habits!




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  • Breakfast starts the first day of school!
    opens at 8:10am. closes at 8:25am.
PTO news

                                                  PTO News

PTO meeting will be held on Wednesday January 7th at 3:00pm.  All are welcome to attend!  We will be discussing our upcoming family dance!

Thank you to all parents who volunteered to help on our holiday craft day!  The kids had a great time!

January 22nd is movie night.